Our Services

What we do

At Twelve Wealth we can help you:

Set Goals

Achieve your personal and financial goals


Manage your debt and cashflows


Build a diversified investment portfolio to fit your goals


Insure your income and assets

Estate Planning

Create a Will and Power of Attorney


Provide for the costs of educating your family

Tax Planning

Tax effectively manage retirement, redundancy, divorce or death settlements


Establish whether the advice you have previously received is in your best interest


Establish how much money you will need to retire and how and where your super should be invested

Our Process

We put you in control of your life and finances by following a systematic process of thoroughly understanding your life and goals, analysing the options available to you, developing an appropriate strategy and then executing on it.

Ongoing engagement

Ongoing Advice is at the centre of all we do.
As an ongoing advice client you can expect:

  • 1
    A quarterly review to ensure you are on track with your life and financial goals
  • 2
    All of their financial administration taken care of
  • 3
    Their asset allocation and investment mix adjusted as the markets or circumstances warrant it
  • 4
    Their cashflow and spending patterns reviewed relative to their financial goals
  • 5
    Regular reviews of their risk management strategies
  • 6
    A sounding board for all of life’s important decisions
  • From my very first meeting with Cathryn, I was impressed by the holistic approach she takes. Even before engaging Cathryn, she spent over an hour getting to know me, my current position and my financial goals.  I had never had the time to really think about my finances but Cathryn has helped me to develop a plan to set me on a path to achieving my goals. Cathryn has made everything so easy! She has all the skills and expertise you'd expect in a financial advisor, however she also has fantastic interpersonal skills that make you feel like you are speaking to someone who cares about you and not just the numbers. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathryn and the team at Twelve Wealth!
  • I thank my lucky stars that I came across Twelve Wealth this year. Cathryn has changed my life. As a fellow female business owner, Cathryn gets it. I needed advice that crossed over between my personal and business situations and her advice is clear, sensible and smart. Above-all, her pragmatic but empathetic approach makes for the perfect bedside manner. Personal finance is emotional and Cathryn is an exceptional listener. Her ability to help me set and navigate my goals was done with sincerity (and welcome gentle nudges when I need them). I will be forever grateful to her for helping me on the path not only to better financial independence, confidence and security but for solutions presented in a way that make sense to me and that I can fully digest. I appreciated her transparent, fee-for-service model and grateful for her genuine and honest advice. I first went in with many questions and Cathryn went way beyond with her answers and advice. With her continued support, I am learning so much more and finally feel empowered to make my own smart and practical decisions. Don’t wait any longer if you’re thinking you need some help with your finances. I couldn’t recommend Twelve Wealth any higher.
  • We have achieved more in the last 6 months than we had in the previous 6 years. Within six months we now have a clear path of what we are trying to achieve and the financial plan to accompany this. I value that Cathryn has a ‘get things done’ approach demonstrated by her doing the majority of the leg work to set everything up including long phone calls to super companies, filling out lots of forms and chasing us! I also value that when it comes to the big investment decisions she can clearly articulate to us what our money is invested in and how it is performing. I would recommend Cathryn highly to my friends, family and colleagues.
  • Finding Cathryn and having her help me with my finances has marked a huge turning point in my life. I simply had no time or interest in turning my mind to making sure that I was on the right track and didn't know where to begin. Cathryn is smart, sensible kind and generous with her knowledge. As a busy woman working to look after my family and my own future , Cathryn's advice and ongoing support gives me great confidence.
  • We have always had the ambition to manage our money well and were doing okay but had no focus on the long term. Cathryn demonstrated how we could channel our disposable income and investments to build a financially secure future for us and our growing family. What I immediately liked about Cathryn was the time she took to really delve into our goals and aspirations. Through structured conversations Cathryn helped us identify not just our financial goals, but some of the more emotional ones too. Working with Cathryn has been the catalyst to a lot of positive change for us and, even better, Cathryn has done the hard work to get us there. I highly recommend her services to friends and family.

Who do our Services Suit?

When we take on a client we do so with the expectation that they are looking for ongoing financial advice. As such, we work best with clients who: