Are you really living the dream?

Do you have the life you want (or are you ready to make it happen)?

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) recently published the results of their ‘Live the Dream 2017’ national sentiment survey. They surveyed more than 2,600 Australians aged between 23 to 71.  And what they found was while 77% of us believe in our ability to create the life we want, only a quarter of us (23%) of us say we are actually ‘living the dream’.

Living the dream means different things to different people, but consistent amongst Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers is financial freedom and independence, and living the lifestyle of their choice.

For those not living the dream, a low bank balance was consistently the biggest dream blocker!

So how do those who are ‘living the dream’ enable themselves to achieve their dreams?

  1. They have strong personal habits
    They are family-oriented, and are five times more likely to engage in spiritual activity.
  2. They dream about the future
    81% are really thinking versus 61% not living their dream.
  3. They plan ahead and stick to that plan
    This makes them more likely to turn their vision for the future into a reality.
  4. They have high levels of self-belief
    96% (versus 54%) believe they will create the life they want.
  5. They seek advice from others
    Those living the dream are almost three times more likely to seek advice from a financial planner when making financial decisions.
  6. They have fewer regrets and less financial stress
    In fact, Australians who are living the dream have the lowest levels of financial stress of all our population. One in three are not stressed at all about their finances compared to just one in ten who are not living the dream.

What are you doing to work towards achieving your dreams? Check out the full report here.